Our Facility & Koi Selection


The beginning - Koi Fry

Our Koi start out life with us as small fry.  These come from the most reputable Koi breeder in the UK with a certified bio secure facility, giving added peace of mind.  Usually around July when they are 4 weeks old we visit the Koi farm and individually select each fry.  The koi are bred from Japanese parents giving high quality, defined body shape, great patterns and a healthy fish.  


For the next 6 to 7 months they are kept in our grow on facility with water temperatures up to 25 degrees.  We nurture and watch each individual Koi grow and develop, going through various selection processes.   

We move the larger Jumbo Koi to a bigger tank to continue to develop and preparing for the outside world.


In preparation for the beginning of the sales season, usually mid to end of March, we select some of the Koi from the fish house and move to an outside holding acclimatization pond.  This is heated to balance the temperatures from inside at 25 degrees so as not to shock the fish, cause health issues and possible death.  They will acclimatize as the temperature is reduced by a few degrees a day until it reaches ambient temperature.  We then monitor the fish health, take some scrapes and perform checks to make sure all are fit and healthy.   


When the Koi have finished acclimatization and been checked thoroughly, they are moved into the main pond for you to select and enjoy. We pride ourselves on the quality of Koi we offer, a vast variety, spectacular colors and patterns, healthy and happy.  The process continues throughout the season as there are always more Koi ready to move from the fish house.  

We are extremely conscious regarding Bio Security, we use different nets and bowls, equipment for each tank or pond and they are regularly sterilized.   We do not allow fish from other sources to be added within the mix of our fish unless have gone though a strict 6 week quarantine period which involves heat ramping and cooling at least 2 times, we will be pleased show you and explain the processes we use and why. 

Pet Licence & Accreditation's


Licence to sell Animals as Pets Act (2018)

We have been thoroughly appraised and inspected through the new 2018 licence process.  We are fully licensed under the selling animals as pets (2018) act which is valid until 31st December 2020 when we will be able to renew the licence.  


Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association Ltd (OATA)

We are qualified through OATA for the following:

  • Water Quality
  • Filtration
  • Fish Health
  • Fish Biology