Fish Health


This is a complex and sometimes baffling subject, causing many headaches and confusion with contradicting advice out there.  With the right understanding and approach most problems can be diagnosed and resolved. Finding the issue is key, treating if the issue is not confirmed and second guessing the cause does more harm than good.  Adding treatments and chemicals to a pond for undiagnosed issues causes unnecessary stress to the fish and can aggravate the situation, not to mention a waste of your money.  Every pond is different and what works for one may not work for another.

On all visits in depth water parameters will be tested, mucus samples taken and analysed under the microscope with appropriate diagnosis of the potential issues.

If you have a specific problem, health checks in spring & autumn to ensure your fish are going into winter or coming out of winter healthy or for peace of mind to know your fish are in good health,  please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.


  • In depth Water Parameter testing
  • Mucus Sample analysis 
  • Parasitic Diagnostics & treatments administered
  • Treatment of wounds, Ulcers, fungus & fin issues
  • Laboratory Bacterial & Viral investigation
  • Antibiotics administered
  • Seasonal health checks
  • Advice & consultancy
  • Nationwide coverage