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Evolve Filters
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Evolve Filters

Koi Valley has been awarded approved supplier and installer for Evolve Filter Systems. From full filter systems incorporating drums, bio chambers standard models with different configurations available or custom made. Within the range are various configurations of showers. Evolve Filter systems are superior quality UK manufactured of a standard and quality second to none. Should you be interested in any of the Evolve range, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Evolve showers, bakki showers
Koi Valley

Evolve Showers

Bakki showers are widely regarded as excellent filters for biological filtration due to their flow of water and high oxygen availability for the denitrifying bacteria. They also aerate the water to the point of saturation dependent on height and flow rate.  A shower is a great addition to a pond adding much needed increased biological performance.  These are available in various sizes and can be custom built for individual requirements.  


Oase Authorised Installer

We are an appointed Authorised Oase Installer. Products within the living water pond range, such as drum filters, mechanical flilters, Fountains and lighting systems for fine debris extraction in Koi ponds and large ornamental ponds.


Oase Pressurised Pond Filters

OASE range of pressurised filters and filter sets with built-in UV Clarifier for ponds up to 30,000 litres.  Ideal for ease of use and maintenance for smaller lower stocked ponds.


Bespoke filter systems

Whilst not all filter systems are within your budget, we can create a system incorporating some of your your existing filter system to offer the best of both Worlds, increased biological performance, water clarity and ease of maintenance, fitting a budget and delivering on your expectations.